Do-Over Done Right

The People have spoken again!

This time they finished what they started, and the message is very clear. The people – black, white, red, yellow – and all the social, religious differences that separate us have also united us.

This is a time when we can look into our future and can be certain that a more productive and proactive Fairfield will emerge for us all; a time when responsibility and accountability will be called out and a reckoning will take place.

We are going to be one of the wealthiest counties in the state of S.C., and now that our voice has been heard, I am hopeful that our newly elected officials will bring forth a new day and a bright future for us all.

The remaining three good ol’ boys and girls on County Council are in for a rude awakening. Life is not what you dream, it’s what you make of it and if you’ve done nothing, if you’ve told lies, if you made up false accusations then there is a price to pay. Your reward is reality.

Let me personally thank everyone in District 3 for having the courage to do what is right. Let me also say thanks to all of you who did the hard work. You know who you are; I know who you are. Be proud of yourselves. We have set an example that two years ago no one would have believed was possible.

And thanks also to those of us who stuck it out despite the outright lies, the threats, the accusation to ruin our reputations, the false rumors and the nasty comments. We have witnessed the day when ‘Lambs became Lions.’

‘The Truth sets all of us free.’

Thank you Fairfield County

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello

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