Get Involved

Many citizens were notably encouraged by Fairfield Councilman Walter Larry Stewart’s earnest appeal on Mar. 23 for a more citizen-inclusive Fairfield County government. The Councilman’s invitation to all of Fairfield’s citizens to participate in their government was certainly a refreshing contrast to those on Council who are seeking to further limit citizen participation. Mr. Stewart’s invitation reminds us all that we get from government what we put in to it.

Fortunately, we are afforded an abundance of opportunities to help the Fairfield government help us. Citizen volunteers for government boards and committees are always needed, and serve to broaden the diversity of the decision making processes. Additionally, most of Council is clearly seeking increased citizen input. Let them know your ideas for a better Fairfield. In other words, let’s support our Council by being participants rather than spectators. Democracy works best when we have a government for the people and by the people.

Thank you Councilman Stewart for reacquainting us with that truism.

Randy Bright



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