Hire an Administrator

Fairfield County needs an Administrator that works for Fairfield County, not an Interim Administrator that is being paid by a law firm. The county pays this law firm and they in turn pay the Administrator because the Administrator is an employee of their law firm.

It is time for the Fairfield County Council to start the search for someone that would be responsible to our county instead of their employer. Ask the Administrator if he is interested in the job and offer the chance for him to apply for the position, only after he severs ties with his law firm. Am I the only one that feels this law firm is actually running our county? Without their advice, we would not have the bonds to pay back nearly $50 million. Of course it makes the law firm happy because they receive $120,000 a year for making payments for these bonds. Also, this law firm as lobbyist is receiving $1,500 per month. I talked with our local legislative delegation to see if our lobbyist had made contact. They have not. This money has been paid to this law firm for years for them doing absolutely nothing.

J.R. Douglas


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