Impact Fees Clear First Reading

WINNSBORO – Town Council passed first reading Tuesday night on an ordinance that could have a far-reaching impact on water and sewer infrastructure.

Ordinance 050515 establishes impact fees for water and wastewater disposal facilities for future Winnsboro water customers, with residential customers charged a one-time fee of $1,500 for water and $2,100 for sewer service.

Industry will feel the biggest sting from the new fees, with water costing anywhere from $1,500 for a 5/8 of an inch meter to $172,500 for a 10-inch meter. Wastewater ranges from $2,100 to $241,500, also based on meter size.

Town Manager Don Wood said the funds generated by the impact fees can only be used for new infrastructure, and not day to day operations. The fees come after a recently completed water study undertaken by the Town. Mayor Roger Gaddy said a rate study was also currently underway as the Town considers another rate increase leading up to budget preparations.


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