Manor Director Stepping Down

Booth Chilcutt

Booth Chilcutt

BLYTHEWOOD – Booth Chilcutt, the Director of Events and Conference Center (The Manor) will be leaving his position the end of April for what he calls, ‘retirement’… real retirement this time.

Chilcutt said he came to work for the Town as assistant to the Director in March 2013 freshly retired as Director of the Sumter County Cultural Commission and Director of the Performing Arts Center. The following January he was elevated to his present position.

“I really never got a break from work,” Chilcutt told The Voice, with a laugh. “I just need a break and I need to leave all this hard work to someone who has the time and energy to run it. I’ll be in the audience enjoying and applauding.”

While Chilcutt said he intends to spend time in the garden, and more time with his wife, Peggy, he still plans to stay involved with the Arts. While in Sumter, he was three times nominated for the Verner Award, the top award in the state for the Arts.

“I was drawn to The Manor because of my love for the Arts,” Chilcutt said, “but now I want to be involved on a less committed basis. Sometimes I’m up here (at The Manor) booking events before 8 a.m. I really enjoy the work and the challenge, but at my age, it’s a little too much. I need some relaxing time with my family, and to read more. I love to read.”

When Chilcutt came to work at The Manor the operational losses were at an all-time high. Projected losses were $12,000 to $44,000 for General Maintenance/Service Supplies and from $33,000 to $49,000 for Program and Oversight Salaries for the fiscal year. The weight of the Manor’s success was squarely on his shoulders. Since that time, working with Council, Chilcutt has made many changes in how The Manor does business. So it is with some degree of satisfaction that, last week, Chilcutt was able to report at the March Council meeting that the projected average loss for March through June is only $226.62.

“We’ve learned a lot more about what we need to do to make it work and we have a conscientious, hardworking crew. The Manor has so much potential, but it’s a business, really, with contracts and other things that go along with a business,” Chilcutt said. “Probably more than anyone expected.”

Chilcutt, who lives in Cobblestone, will still be in town. “I’ll probably see everyone just as much as I do now,” he said. “I’ll be at all the events.”

Mayor J. Michael Ross told The Voice, “The town will miss Booth. He did a great job of bringing more arts and cultural events to our town! We wish him a happy retirement but may be calling on him to consult on future projects.”


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