Council Takes Up Ordinances, Budget

BLYTHEWOOD – Town Council will hold a public hearing on Monday night to cover a multitude of new and amended ordinances. It will also be taking a final vote on those ordinances following the hearing.

Heading the list is the ordinance to allow up to 110-foot-high buildings in the Town’s several industrial parks – the 350-acre Light Industrial Research Park (LIRP) bordered on the west by I-77, on the east by Highway 21, on the north by Firetower Road, with the southern border just above Exit 24 on I-77; a proposed 600-acre Limited Industry-2 (LI-2) Industrial Park  directly across I-77 from the LIRP and bordered on the east by I-77, the west by Ashley Oaks neighborhood, the north by Locklear Road and the south by North Point Industrial Park, which is situated on Community Road. There is also a small Limited Industry-1 Industrial Park on the south side of the Community Center property at the I-77/Blythewood Road Interchange.

Council will also vote on the following ordinances:

• Ord. No. 2015.004 to amend the Town’s historic preservation subchapter zoning text to include a requirement to include the Blythewood Historical Society’s input when making recommendations for historical designation of properties in the town.

• Ord. No. 2015.003 to revise and consolidate the Town’s regulations pertaining to the relaxation of and/or changes to landscaping, buffer yards and tree preservation.

• Ord. No. 2015.002 to amend the Town’s land development ordinances text to define and prescribe traffic impact studies for developments within the town.

• Ord. No. 2015.010 to amend Section 302.5 of the International Property Maintenance Code to regulate the height of weeds and grass growth on town properties.

• Ord. No. 2015.008 to annex property located at 121 McLean Road into the town.

A first reading will be taken on a budget amendment to account for an additional $39,740 to increase the Town’s FY2015-16 budget from $1,301,286 to $1,341,034.

Also scheduled on the agenda are votes for a new franchise agreement with Time Warner Cable, rate changes for the Manor and a change of date for the August meeting from Aug. 31 to Aug. 24.

To receive agendas for Town meetings, contact Melissa Cowan at the Town Hall at [email protected] or call 754-0501.


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