Greek Tragedy

The citizens of Fairfield County are all too familiar with the root causes of the crisis in Greece. For example, Greece, like Fairfield County, is paying a dear price for an economic policy which fails to focus on economic diversity. Both Greece and Fairfield are heavily burden by years of irrational and excessive government spending.

Unfortunately, both governments compound their spending woes with absurd government inefficiency and waste. Both citizen groups are confounded by a marked lack of tight government controls and the avoidance of many solid business practices.

Additionally, the two governments are trapped and tapped-out by their wild eyed external creative financing schemes. Lastly, the over dependencies on “sugar daddies” (The Eurozone and SCE&G) has helped to perpetuate the two bloated and lazy governments.

Yes, Greek and Fairfield citizens alike are well acquainted with the frustrations of living in their own Greek Tragedy. However, we are hopeful the newly elected Council will deviate from historical trends and will script a much different story for Fairfield. Soon. Very soon.

Randy Bright



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