Profiles in Cowardice

I am highly frustrated with most of our elected officials because of their inability to get things done. Too many of our leaders are burdening us with their lack of a desire to find any middle ground. Narcissistic grand standing and selfish filibustering are, all too often, the political devices of the weak and the cowardly. As a supporter of compromise (when needed), John F. Kennedy wrote, “Compromise does not mean cowardice.” On the other hand, punting and kicking the can down the road is the cowardly path to legislative abyss, or worse, extremist legislation.

We are all too often held back by weakling politicians who are too paralyzed to compromise due to a fear of not being liked by some special interest group. I do not understand why so many of today’s leaders reject the profound impact of agreements which involve give and take but yield positive results (instead of no results) for all sides. We could achieve oooh so more (i.e. a roads plan) if only our leaders would take time to listen to the other side and grasp the imperative of empathy for others views.

Of course, compromise is not always a worthy option (i.e. absolutes such as ethics, civil rights and constitutional rights are non-negotiables). Nevertheless, fearless leaders find ways to create goodness for all via the art of compromise.

Where are the courageous leaders today? Hopefully, they too are fed up with all the nonsensical gridlock. Hopefully, they will step up and volunteer to receive our votes in the next election.

Randy Bright



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