Town Asks for Voluntary Water Rationing

WINNSBORO – Town Council at their July 21 meeting called for the voluntary reduction of water use by Winnsboro Water customers following the declaration by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) of moderate drought conditions in Fairfield and Richland counties.

Reading from the proclamation, Winnsboro Mayor Roger Gaddy said the goal was to reduce water use by 20 percent among residential customers and 15 percent by commercial customers. To that end, residential customers are asked to limit water use to 65 gallons per day, per person, with a maximum household use of 200 gallons per day.

Other voluntary restrictions include:

• Eliminating the washing down of sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, tennis courts and other hard-surfaced areas;

• Eliminating the washing down of buildings for purposes other than immediate fire protection;

• Eliminating the flushing of gutters;

• Eliminating the domestic washing of motorbikes, boats, cars, etc.;

• Eliminating the use of water to maintain fountains, reflection pools and decorative bodies of water for aesthetic or scenic purposes, except where necessary to support aquatic life;

• Reducing watering of lawns, plants, trees, gardens, shrubbery and flowers on private or public property to the minimum necessary; and

• Reducing the amount of water obtained from fire hydrants for construction purposes, fire drills or for any purpose other than firefighting or flushing necessary to maintain water quality.

The voluntary restrictions will remain in effect until the DNR Drought Committee determines drought conditions have ended.


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