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The Hoof and Paw Benevolent Society was recently involved in transporting a malnourished mare and her young colt to a rescue in Greenwood. Both horses had been surrendered by their owner from a pasture in Blair.

The horses were in a weakened state and unfortunately did not survive.

Hoof and Paw is dedicated in our purpose to protect, comfort and improve the lives of abused, homeless, abandoned animals. It is our ambition to help place them in loving homes by increasing awareness and supporting adoption of shelter bound animals. We encourage spay and neuter and promote education to the general public for humane treatment of all animals.

In the past we have:

• Covered necessary veterinarian costs for Fairfield County Animal Adoption Center.

• Provided food and shelter for large and small animals.

• Assisted in helping families spay/neuter their companion pets.

• Held adoption days to help place shelter animals in appropriate homes.

• Provided Fairfield County Animal Adoption Center with volunteers to help clean and improve their facility.

• Provided monthly contributions to other like-minded organizations.

The cruelty and neglect laws in S.C. rank 45th in the nation in terms of their leniency. Abusive owners go unpunished and animals die in many cases.

Our organization is trying to get involved in bringing about change to our state. We respond wherever we identify a need.

The sole purpose of Hoof and Paw is to help, to educate, to lend support. If you or someone you know needs our help, please respond to [email protected]

If we can’t help, perhaps we can direct you to another resource that can.

Minge Wiseman

Vice President

Hoof and Paw Benevolent Society


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