Blythewood Town Council Candidates: Larry D. Griffin

Griffin, Larry copyLarry D. Griffin

(2-year term)

I am a lifelong resident of the community of Blythewood. I was born here, lived here and raised my family here when Blythewood was considered country and not so popular. I remember when the community/town consisted of dirt roads before the two lane roads, before the four lanes and traffic lights, when there were two schools housing both elementary and high school students rather than the multiple schools we have today. Yes, times have truly changed and I have been fortunate to see them all with hopes of seeing even greater changes that provides traditional and progressive growth.

Recently I was asked the question, what will you bring to town council? My answer is simple. I bring substance and balance. With my 60 plus years of knowledge of the Town of Blythewood the community (individual families, mom and pop stores, etc.) grown to Blythewood the town (corporations,chain stores, franchises, subdivisions, etc.) gives me experience beyond measure to deal with the heartbeat old and new of this town. Frankly, it’s priceless and can’t be imitated nor duplicated.

Through my business background I understand policies, procedures and the effect that a positive administrative foundation can have on any business or organizational structure, to include that of a township. I bring leadership, humility and a confidence in my abilities to help get the job done. I am, without a doubt, result oriented.

I would like to thank all for their confidence in me by voting Larry D. “Griff” Griffin on your ballot November 3 for Blythewood Town Council.


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