FOMZI Has Friends

The historic town of Winnsboro, charted in 1785, needs to do everything possible to preserve its historic places.

Mt. Zion’s history dates back to 1777, with the formation of Mt. Zion College. The site was home to several other educational institutions of note. The present building, built in 1936, shares the distinction with the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

Historians want to save the beauty of historic buildings (stay connected with the past). Does Winnsboro have the support and interest of the people to save Mt. Zion? Yes.

A committee of 20 dedicated persons formed Friends of Mt. Zion Institute (FOMZI). Through pledges, Boston butt sales and house tours, FOMZI has raised over $60,000. FOMZI had donations of plywood enough to put up faux windows. Countless hours were put in measuring, cutting to fit, priming, painting and taping. FOMZI received a donation of a front end loader to install windows for a 3-story building. The roof of the school building was repaired. FOMZI created a web site, and a Facebook page, “Friends of Mt. Zion Institute.”

On our home tour (200 tickets sold) many people expressed “thanks for what you are doing” and “this is what we need in Winnsboro.”

So yes, we have the support of Winnsboro to save Mt. Zion.

But our Town Council is skeptical; but really why? We have the encouragement of many.

FOMZI’s commitment to Town Council: “We will save this beautiful building and find the right developer that meets the need of our community.”

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Donnie R. Laird

FOMZI Board member


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