Clean Water

Let’s support our neighbors. On Nov. 16, the S.C. Mining Council will hear an appeal of a mine permit that the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) issued to Winnsboro Crushed Stone, LLC for a granite quarry in Winnsboro. The meeting will be held at the DHEC Building, 2600 Bull St., Columbia, room #3420 at 9 a.m. The nine people who have appealed the issuance of the mine permit are Winnsboro residents living primarily adjacent to the land proposed for the new granite quarry in the Middlesix/Rockton community.

It appears DHEC failed to adequately investigate the possible effects on adjacent groundwater and surface waters, including natural springs, wetlands and downstream effects on Lake Wateree when issuing the permit.

Clean water issues are usually someone else’s problem, until they affect our water. The recent floods in Columbia revealed many clean water issues. Some issues resulted from the lack of regulations. Go to the meeting on Nov. 16. Hear the issues and voice your support for clean and safe drinking water.

Let’s support our neighbors.

Shirley M. Greene



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