We Need Answers

My name is Jimmy Ray Douglas. I am not a politician, but I hope to run for the Fairfield County Council District 2 seat.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered concerning money received by Fairfield County that is not included in our ‘County Budget’ each year. I have asked through the Freedom of Information (FOI) act and the County Administrator always seems to have a reason not to send what I request. I have contacted my Council Representative for help and only hear “I will look into it.”

The Fairfield County Sheriff’s Department Deputies need an increase in pay in order to support their families. The workers, not the Deputy Administrator or Department heads, need raises as well.

We also need to cut ties with the law firm I feel is running our county, and the Auditing firm that has been employed by the county for years.

If enough of Fairfield County citizens contact me and offer support, I will do my best to get the taxes lowered so our county can prosper.

J.R. Douglas



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