Running for Answers

My name is Jimmy Ray Douglas, and I am running for the District 2 County Council seat that is currently held by Carolyn Robinson.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered concerning money received by Fairfield County that is never included in our County budget each year.

If I am elected to County Council I will work to get the under-paid, blue-collar County employees more money and try to get wages lowered on the over-paid Directors of the County.

No one would be asked to leave the Council chambers if they like what they hear and applaud for what has been said. If Council members can applaud, so can taxpayers and citizens attending the meeting. This would be a way for the Council to learn what the average person feels is important.

The Council committees should research engineers for jobs, not the Administrator or Deputy Administrator.

A member of County Council should attend the CTC Board meetings just to be able to sit in and see how they decide on road improvements and offer advice is asked.

The County needs an assisted-living and full-care facility. Look around, the Baby Boomers are now the Old People Boomers here in Fairfield County. All other counties have facilities like this and a place for one would be the unused Fairfield Memorial Hospital wings. This way, emergency care would be available too.

Jimmy Ray Douglas



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