Broken Promises

The Dawkins Community Association held its first meeting on March 7, 2011. The meeting was held to contemplate on what was needed to bring our community together. The D.C.A. was founded by Bruce Wadsworth because one of our dear community members and friends was murdered. There was about 75-plus individuals to attend the meeting. It was the second meeting that our County Council representative, Councilman Marcharia, attended and interrogated what took so long. I as well as others was upset about the comment. During his time in office he had never come out to speak to the community about anything. The one thing that bothers me is for him to have a place on the County Council and tell our young people to arm themselves because 10-12 Caucasian people moved into the neighborhood. This is not what the D.C.A is all about. Dawkins is a community and neighborhood where everyone knows and respects one another and does not need the presence of racism because it can come between us. If it is Councilman Marcharia’s intention to start war it should not be done in our community.

The D.C.A. was given a place to put a recreation center in our community. Councilman Marcharia suggested that the community come out to the Council meeting to help him get the recreation approved. The recreation center was approved; however, now it is going to be put in Jenkinsville. Marcharia previously said that the Jenkinsville community did not come out and support it so it would be placed in Dawkins; however, it is now being built in Jenkinsville. When the time came to build, Councilman Marcharia dropped the ball and did not request a building permit. I think for him to get it placed in Jenkinsville was a political move on his behalf as well as Jenkinsville Mayor Ginyard. This community has had broken promises for over 20 years and is tired of broken promises. It is time for change to come this November. We need a Councilman who will support us and not their own ego. I am in support of a new face.

Bruce Wadsworth




  1. Pat Williams says

    Well said, Bruce. Not enough has been EVER been said or made of Councilman Marcharia’s comment a few years ago telling those in his district to arm themselves.
    Is this the type of leadership Fairfield County wants or deserves?
    Mr. Marcharia has proven time and again to be someone someone who looks to incite hate and even, in this example, violence.
    He has used his position to do little more than promote a non-existent hatred between races, who ,as far as I have witnessed, get along & build friendships every day.
    It is most DEFINITELY time for Mr. Marcharia and his message of hatred and violence to be removed from our County Council!

  2. Pat Williams says

    Great commentary, Bruce. I have always wondered why so little was said or made of Councilman Marcharia’s call to his constituents to arm themselves.
    He has used his position on Council to do little more than try to incite cynicism, and, by the aforementioned call “to arm themselves”, even violence among the citizens of Fairfield County.
    From what I have witnessed in my time here, everyone of all races and religions get along just fine with some strong friendships having been formed along the way.
    Councilman Marcharia never misses a chance to speak from his chair, claiming he has felt threatened, discriminated against and generally not been treated fairly here.
    Whether these claims are true or not, it’s time for Mr. Marcharia to move on. There is no room in Fairfield County for his implied hatred, biased attitude and constant attempt to stir up trouble… and certainly no room on our County Council.

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