Liaison Does Good Work

Fairfield County Council has voted to eliminate the County Liaison position from the 2017 budget, which I and many others totally disagree with.

I am a small business owner in the county and I can relate to the importance of having this position in the county. I have spent countless hours in Ms. Jackie Workman’s office interviewing and hiring many of the employees she recommends. It will be a sad day in Fairfield County if this position is eliminated. I can honestly say that many of her applicants may never be hired using the State guidelines, but Ms. Workman goes over and above to gain employment for these people.

It take a special person with a big heart to fill Ms. Workman’s position. I know this to be a fact that some applicants sit in her office crying their eyes out for fear of not being able to land a job. Often Ms. Workman has had to go into her purse to give her clients gas money so they can get back home because the situation was just that bad.

Please support me and other citizens as we reach out to County Council on Monday night to reverse this decision.

James McGraw



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