Manor Pulls Out of Slump

BLYTHEWOOD (May 12, 2016) – The Town’s event center, the Doko Manor, which was once labeled by at least one Town official in a public meeting as a financial albatross, appears to be pulling out of a three-year financial nose dive with a projected revenue of $145,992 for fiscal year 2016.

While Event Director Steve Hasterok told The Voice last week that The Manor, “is still a little ways from being full-blown profitable, we’re getting there.”

“We’re now covering operating costs, and sales are great,” he said.

“I think the fourth quarter this year will probably be the strongest quarter the Manor has ever had,” Hasterok reported to Council during their April 25 meeting. “I projected fourth quarter revenue at $50,800, and we’re looking at revenues now of about $60,650 for the quarter.”

“The Manor’s busy,” Hasterok said. “We had 22 events in April, with a fourth quarter average of over 17 events per month. We average 20-50 inquiries per week now, and we’re becoming known as the place of choice, especially for Friday night parties and Saturday weddings. We have a beautiful facility, people like it and we’re very competitive in our pricing.”

Hasterok said The Manor’s newly completed bridal dressing room is currently being furnished, as is his new office, both of which were located in The Manor after the facility’s front porch was enclosed for additional space.

Hasterok told Council, “We are looking for a very strong FY 2017. We don’t have a weekend available from now until the end of this calendar year. “

He said The Manor expects to accommodate 40 – 50 weddings during 2016.


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