Quality of Leadership

How do we improve the quality of life in our community?

We can start by electing intelligent, successful, involved, honorable, sincere people who bring with them a positive attitude. We need strong insightful leadership. Right now we have a few weak leaders and that my friends is a sad fact.

There should be no hoping or praying when we elect someone. There should be a history, a past success story with each candidate. No longer can you be elected in Fairfield if your greatest asset is you can sign your name and you’re willing to come to the meetings and take a salary. Sorry, we are not interested in that person.

We are also not interested in self-serving people who come into office, stay forever, accomplish nothing and seem to leave a lot better off for themselves then when they came to serve us! (Note: Not one a single former County Council member ever shows up to any meeting. That must mean something.)

No names are mentioned here; you figure this out for yourself. We absolutely cannot and will not elect, or re-elect, anyone with a criminal background; that includes sex offenders, felons or people with a history of manipulating communities for their own benefit. Or anyone who has made false incident reports to the police while claiming they are Vice Chairman of County Council.

Managing our money and investing in the future requires planning and treating this county’s operations as if it was a for-profit business. We need only the very best people! The rest need not apply.

This year is going to be a make-it or break-it year for Fairfield County. Don’t fool yourself into thinking anything other than that.

When you vote this year be sure that the man or woman is an outstanding citizen, with a moral compass and a good business sense of what is right and what is waste. Vote for people you know in your heart of hearts will do the right thing for us all.

Jeff Schaffer



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