Vote for Experience on June 28

The run off on the 28th of this month should be a message politically and individually.
To everyone and to all parties concerned and involved, all of us have an awesome obligation to vote for the most qualified person to do the task at hand.
Not because we like their politics or the company they keep; it’s the actions of the individual that we must judge.
It’s the experience and the past successes that will dictate their future success!
The State Senate, like it or not, is a den of legalese. We must have someone who at the very least is artful in the law and interpretation as well as writing laws.
Dare I say we live in a Red Tape world of bureaucrats? The last thing we need is an ambitious self-empowering, manipulative personality who knows nothing about the laws of the state, and who has virtually no contact with any other senators. If we have learned anything politically, speaking the word “change” doesn’t necessarily mean things are going to change and certainly not for the better.
The best candidate is someone who has already proven himself to be the best. Let’s be smart and put Creighton Coleman back in the District 17 seat and let him continue to serve the community, as he has in the past and does so well.

Jeff Schaffer
Lane Monticello


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