We’re for Coleman

Next week, on June 14, we will have the Primary election for our State Senate Democratic candidate. Based upon our experience, we will be voting for our current State Senator, Creighton Coleman. We have three reasons for choosing Senator Coleman to be re-elected to represent us:

1. Sen. Coleman is an attorney. While we all have opinions about attorneys, the fact is that the legislators write the laws that affect all of us. We think we need someone who can fully understand the “legalese” that attorneys speak, so that we end up with real world legislation that helps us in the today’s world.

2. Sen. Coleman is the current sitting Senator, which means he understands “how” the system works. Changing Senators means a “newbie” would have to spend years understanding the “ins and the outs” of the internal workings of the State Senate.

3. On a personal note: My family had an issue with one of the state’s largest agencies. When I phoned the agency, I discussed the issue with person #1, who sent me to person #2, who sent me to person #3, who sent me back to person #1. In other words, I was put into a circle and getting nowhere. Lots of frustration. We phoned Sen. Coleman to see if he could help with this runaround. He asked that we come to his office to see him. Sen. Coleman spent about 30 minutes with us, asking questions, so that he fully understood the situation. Two days later the whole issue was resolved. In other words, constituency service. He took care of our issue.

We would also like to point out, from personal experience, that Sen. Coleman is a strong advocate for folks with disabilities. So from our perspective, Sen. Coleman is the best choice in the upcoming election. Please vote in the upcoming election; your vote really does matter.

Fran & Richard Driscoll



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