Give Us Back Our Mills

J.R. Green decided to build a new Career Center and borrowed the money from the taxpayers of Fairfield County by raising the millage rate 35 mills to pay for it. When is the taxpayers’ millage rate going to be reduced 35 mills for what the school system received?

Now without any concrete and intelligent plans, Mr. Green has decided to build a village of patio homes for the teachers of Fairfield County. It seems any dream or notion he has, he feels it is justified and expects everyone to get on board. This was discussed years ago and it was determined it would not work.

What bank would finance on probabilities? If the School Board could not find a bank, someone with a lot of money would have to make the payments and provide upkeep to said housing.

I rent out a lot of houses and I can tell you that you can’t count on rent income to pay for the maintenance, make mortgage payments, etc. The taxpayers would end up paying for it and again be taxed for the project. I do not think this would be legal without a referendum to be voted on by the whole county.

We as taxpayers deserve the 35 mills back and responsible leadership that we can trust. Why would anyone hire and pay someone to plan a project like this without having 100 percent approval?

Jimmy Ray Douglas



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