One Perspective

As elections approach we will all be hearing rumors and trying to decide who’s telling the truth.

I have come to a simple conclusion, and that is the truth is a perception. It becomes your reality the minute you say ‘I believe that.’

So, instead of believing in others I am going to ask you to believe in yourself, and ask yourself: ‘What is it I want to see happen in the very near future? What is it I want to see change?’

And locally, ‘What would make living in Fairfield County better for myself and everyone else?’

It’s not a difficult question, it is just something hard to grasp because we have a hard time believing things are going to change.

I’d like not to have to drive 20+ miles to go eat something. Or go to the cleaners, or get my teeth cleaned.

I’d love to have a grocery store close in the western end of Fairfield. I’m sure the people on the other side of I-77 would like the same things. I’d like not to pay any taxes, or at a very minimum I’d like them to be in line with the service we get.

For those of us not living in town, we want what’s in town on a much smaller scale. Is that out of the question? I don’t think so.

We spend more money than 75 percent of the other 45 counties on nonsense things. EMS just bought a 2017 Tahoe 4×4 PPV-SUV. Do you know what a PPV is?

It’s a Police Pursuit Vehicle capable of speeds up to 150 mph. Why on earth is EMS doing things like that? And it’s getting approved by County Council, simply because a new vehicle was in the budget.

I’d like to see people who understand that working for the government comes with a retirement package, not a great salary. I’d also like those people to appreciate that like all of us the scale and the bar are not equal.

You work hard, you should be rewarded appropriately.

A 2 percent pay increase is not appropriate. Simply because you are not everyone. Not everyone works hard, not everyone puts in an honest day of work. I’d like to see that change.

I’d like to reward the man in our recycling center who gets out of that little shack in the rain, sleet, heat, no matter the weather, and helps unload our truck. By the same token, I’d like to see the others who work there as well fired because they just sit and give you a dirty look like ‘they don’t pay me enough to do what they hired me for.’

And again, to that worker I like to see him truly rewarded and I wouldn’t mind if the other workers at the recycle center knew that he was rewarded handsomely! It might inspire others to work.

It’s just my perspective.

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello


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