Dunk Gets National Attention

Jordyn Adams

Jordyn Adams

BLYTHEWOOD (Sept. 1, 2016) – Air Jordan? Meet Heir Jordyn.

There are dunks. And then there are DUNKS. And the following dunk — at the hands of a high schooler, no less — might just be your new favorite poster.

In a display of athleticism that would humble the likes MJ and Vince Carter, Blythewood High School junior Jordyn Adams’ contested tomahawk slam has rightfully gone viral:

High School JUNIOR.

Did we mention this kid’s a junior?

What started as a typical Wednesday night youth event at a church is now the Internet’s latest sensation, as Adams took off from the baseline and leaned into the defender (who guarded the leap admirably), arm fully extended back, and unleashed the fury, bringing the poor opponent to the floor, likely wondering what the hell just happened.

The insane act has garnered over 25,000 Twitter interactions and counting as of Thursday morning, gaining the attention of publications such as USA Today and SBNation and landing on SportsCenter’s nightly Top 10 at No. 4 (though it’s incredibly hard to believe that there were three sports highlights more enthralling yesterday).

“I have done 360s and things like that before, but this is probably be one of the best,” Adams said. “I didn’t think it would have this response.”

The kid’s modest, too! Isn’t that sweet?

And here’s the kicker: Basketball is apparently Adams’ third-best sport. He doesn’t even play for his school, instead partaking in football and baseball, the latter of which he has been named an Under Armour Preseason All-American and the No. 1 player in the state for the Class of 2018.

Something tells me that we’ll be seeing more Jordyn Adams on SportsCenter soon.


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