Just imagine what would happen if we held an event during which:

• Many competing local politicians attend but none engage in politicking.

• People of various ages, creeds, races and experiences stand together united in a community purpose.

• Attendees make new friends with those they might otherwise have never known.

• The public and our valued Sheriffs’ Office is afforded a positive opportunity to get to know one another a little better.

• Attendees form a human wall and pray together.

• The Community unites in its open support of our first responders.

• Just imagine what this county could be if we all build upon the spirit of such a reverent gathering.

Well, we do not have to imagine such an event because it occurred just outside the Sheriff’s building on a balmy Tuesday evening last week. Spearheaded by State Rep. MaryGail Douglas, this diverse gathering honored our gallant men and women in blue. However, the event also conveyed a refreshing and uplifting spirit of community pride and unity, which all communities could use a heavy dose of. Now all we have to do is build upon that magical evening to be the exemplary light for the rest of the state, nation and world. It’s got to start somewhere. So why not Fairfield?

Randy Bright




  1. This is a great idea. We pass by people everyday but never speak or acknowledge their presence. Such an event could be held on the football field and the FF County Council pay for the food and drinks.

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