Three Nabbed After KFC Heist

WINNSBORO (Oct. 20, 2016) – Three men were arrested Sunday night as they fled the scene of an armed robbery at the KFC on the Highway 321 Bypass.

Acting Chief of Public Safety John Seibles said the restaurant had just closed and employees were cleaning up when, just after 11 p.m., employees heard loud banging at the back door. A witness approached the back door just in time to see an armed masked man crash through the glass and storm into the restaurant.

Employees in the dining area fled, Seibles said, while another employee ducked into the manager’s office. The gunman, later identified as Steven Blair, 30, of Lancaster,  followed and forced the manager to fill a pillow case with cash. Blair then fled the restaurant to meet with a getaway car on Pumphouse Road.

Meanwhile, the employees who had escaped had all climbed into a car and were circling back around to the KFC parking lot just as Public Safety officers arrived. When they did, they spotted the getaway car, a Honda Accord, pulling out of Pumphouse Road and onto the Bypass. Officers followed and pulled the Accord over in the Shell station parking lot a short distance away.

Blair was located inside the Accord, along with Darreyell Marquise Myers, 21, of Eden Terrace Apartments in Rock Hill,  and Quenterrius Montgomery, 21, of Lancaster. When additional officers, along with a County deputy, arrived, the three men were handcuffed and placed in separate squad cars.

Seibles said the entire take from KFC – $1,725 – was found inside the Accord, as well the mask Blair had worn during the robbery and two loaded handguns, each with rounds racked into their chambers.

All three men were charged with armed robbery. Myers faces an additional charge of possession of a deadly weapon while committing a violent offense. They were transported to the Fairfield County Detention Center.

“I am extremely proud of our officers for how they handled the situation,” Seibles said.


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