Easy Choice

Every day the media reminds us of the stark contrasts between our District 17 State Senate candidates. One all-important contrast is their approach to resolving our state’s problems. Candidate Mike Fanning espouses a shoot first plan, which raises taxes by $2 billion annually. On the other hand, Mark Palmer’s more thoughtful strategy prioritizes eliminating waste, fraud and inefficiencies, which will improve services without raising taxes.

Palmer understands we must repair the broken departments first to ensure we know if we need to raise taxes and by how much, if any. Fanning’s strategy guarantees thinner wallets and a fatter government. Palmer, however, has doable plans to improve infrastructure, education, safety and security with better and more efficient government and without first raising taxes. The choice is easy – Fanning’s money pit strategy or Palmer’s constructive path to effective and efficient government.

Randy Bright



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