Vote for Your Library

With four County Council seats evidently up for grabs and multiple contenders, we voters have important decisions to make. What priorities and visions does each candidate have and how will he or she work to improve our communities and our quality of life here in Fairfield County?

My pressing questions involve our county library system and its development.

Where do an expanded headquarters public library facility and increased rural library services fit into your vision and priority-setting for Fairfield County? Do you as a potential county leader see the relationship between economic development, education and public library resources and services? Will you support an expanded headquarters library facility and concomitant county-wide services and access to information? Do you understand that ours is one of only two or three of our state’s 46 counties that has not doubled or tripled library services and facilities in the last 30 or 40 years? What do you think industrialists and other would-be employers conclude when they look at our county and see how inadequate our public library facilities are? Are you with us or against us? What better investment could we make than to devote funds to the future of our learners, our youth, our communities and our culture than by improving public library facilities?

The candidate who most effectively answers these questions will get my vote, and I hope voters in each district will give this issue consideration as they make the decision as to whom their next Council representative will be.

Paul Dove


President, Friends of the

Fairfield County Library


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