Big Night In The Park!

At 9:30, the music stopped and the night sky lit up with a firework display behind the Amphitheater.

While the July 3 Fireworks, Food & Music! celebration in Doko Meadows was not the official grand opening of the Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union Amphitheater – it did turn out to be a very grand opening.

What was predicted to be a rain-out of the event, turned out to be one of the best attended events in the town’s history, with thousands in attendance,

Kids and their parents danced to the music of John Hartness’ Blues Deluxe band and then DB Bryant. The weather held, and the lines were long all night at the abundance of food vendors.

At 9:30 p.m., promptly, the firework grand finale lit the sky, bringing cheers from the crowd.

“It was everything we could have wanted,” Mayor J. Michael Ross told The Voice. “What a great evening for the town.”


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