Defining ‘Absurd’

Here’s a definition of a word which is a popular adjective when used to describe Fairfield county school board’s recent selfish decision.

ABSURD: wildly unreasonable, illogica, or inappropriate.

Some examples of the word’s use follow: It is ABSURD for the school board members to give themselves a raise. It is even more ABSURD for the members to give themselves up to a 2000 percent raise. Furthermore, it is ABSURD that a school board member would vote to give one’s self a raise without first committing to higher quality results.

It is yet even more ABSURD to rationalize the 2000 percent raise by comparing tiny Fairfield School District to much larger and more robust (up to 10 times larger) school districts. It is also ABSURD to compare the school board to county council.

Furthermore, it is ABSURD to rationalize this magnanimous raise without ever quantifying ANY corresponding improvement for the student. Finally, it is ABSURD to think the voters will ever forget or forgive the board for this self-serving decision.

Hopefully, all will now have full command of the word ABSURD.

Randy Bright



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