Driver sought in Boney Rd. hit and run

BLYTHEWOOD – Richland County Law Enforcement has little information about an apparent hit and run incident that occurred Saturday, June 17, around 10:30 a.m., on Boney Road.

Sergio Angeles, 27, was discovered lying on the side of the road about a half mile south of Pineview Church Road by Blythewood resident Dr. William Green who administered life-saving care and called EMS. The Highway Patrol arrived on the scene at 10:45 a.m. Corporal Bill Ryan of the S.C. Highway Patrol confirmed to The Voice that the victim had been struck in the roadway by a vehicle, but there was no information so far as to what happened. Ryan said the department had no information on the vehicle or the driver.

Green told The Voice that he and his family were headed to a wedding when they saw what they initially thought was a trash bag on the side of the road until they got closer and realized it was the victim crumpled on the roadside.

According to Green, he and a friend of his daughter exited the vehicle to assist the victim while his daughter and wife scrambled to call 911. He said the man had several injuries and was bleeding.

“I got out of the car and straightened the guy out while trying to stabilize his neck. I checked his pulse, and he had no pulse and was not breathing,” said Green, who said he has over 20 years medical experience. “So I started CPR and probably I’m going to say 15 to 20 seconds after I started CPR, I saw his head move a little bit and he looked like he was trying to gasp to take a breath.”

“I’m guessing 10-12 minutes after we found him, was when the fire trucks showed up,” Green said. EMS took the victim to a hospital which has not disclosed his condition.

Town Councilman Eddie Baughman opened Monday evening’s Council meeting with questions about the incident, asking if anyone knew what happened, that he had not been able to find out any information about it from law enforcement. Last month, Councilman Larry Griffin complained that the traffic and speed were out of control on Boney Road and warned that someone was going to get hurt.

“The speed limit at the highest level over there (on Boney Road) is 45 MPH and these people, and I talked to Captain Stubblefield over here at the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, are taking that and turning it into a freeway,” Baughman said at the Council meeting. “The other night a gentleman was hit in a hit and run accident right there by Pineview Church Road and if it wasn’t for the grace of God sending a physician by to find him in the road and help him, I don’t think this gentleman would have survived.”


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