We Need Options for V.C. Summer

It is quite alarming to read the influx of information that is streaming from various news outlets throughout our state in reporting the current situation with V.C. Summer Nuclear Plant here in Fairfield County.

There are so many considerations by many involved partners. When this many people are at a decision-making table, it becomes quite difficult to see the forest for the trees. Final figures from Westinghouse’s withdrawal from the project continue to be discussed.

It is quite understandable that utility customers see that we are on the “hook” for the poor judgment and lack of over-sight with the project. I hope to enter into more conversation in the next weeks to explore whatever options are available to bring some relief – and more importantly, accurate information that we can trust – and do it in a timely manner so that we are not “all over the board” trying to figure out what impact this will have on our county.

Always know that I appreciate any input into this issue as with all other issues of importance to us and to our state.Thank you for allowing me to serve District 41.

MaryGail Douglas

S.C. House of Representatives

District 41


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