Letter to the Editor: Awakenings

Fast and Furious” best describes our state officials’ recently expressed outrage towards the failed V.C. Summer project.

Certainly, we are pleased to read the state’s elected officials have emerged from their collective self-induced coma. Fortunately, it did not take too much to get our officials to wake up to the V.C. Summer disaster- merely billions of dollars wasted, 14 rate hikes, one major bankruptcy, one all-important plan missing, less than a dozen years of delays and only 5,000 layoffs. Of course give credit for the “grand awakening” to years of record profits and record executive compensation at SCANA. We are all so glad our elected state officials recovered from their sleep in time to view the total eclipse of the V.C. Summer project.

I just hope our elected officials enjoyed their nearly decade long slumber because their sleepless nights will only increase as election time approaches.
Randy Bright


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