Letter to Editor: Nukegate Questions

Questions of the week for Fairfield County’s State Representatives MaryGail Douglas and Mike Fanning:

What are you doing to ensure Santee Cooper, SCANA and their top executives are held accountable for their role in the NUKEGATE fiasco?

Is supporting a criminal investigation of the NUKEGATE misdeeds included somewhere in your plans?

I’d like to read your plans on this page.


Randy Bright



  1. David R. Williams says

    Mr. Bright, I read your comments as you post them. There has been nothing but controversy with all your post. I cannot say you are a controversial individual because I do not personal know you. Personally I learn 50 yrs ago “it is not what you are/ or what you think, but how you are perceived “. Fairfield County has enough naysayers. I think you may be pilling on. Constructive descent is always welcome, but this is not FL. and your voice has been heard.

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