Letter to the Editor: It’s a Win-Win

I want to express my gratitude to Fairfield’s County Council and Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s team for ensuring our community has a permanent, state of the art emergency healthcare facility.  With the completion of the Emergency Care contract with Providence, Council and FMH greatly enhanced the county’s fiscal and physical health prospects.

The health benefits of a new facility operated by and connected to the Midlands’ top-rated hospital are too plentiful to repeat here.

However, the fiscal benefits of the new facility may not be so obvious. First, the new facility will be a cornerstone for our all-important imperative, to create more jobs and further develop our economy. New industry and budding small businesses will be much easier to attract with our new emergency facility.

Additionally, the county will gain annual revenue and reduce expenses by a combined estimated million dollars via replacing the current facility with a new one. Certainly, Providence’s addition of $400,000+ in annual property taxes will be a welcomed plus to the county’s coffers. Furthermore, the county would have had to further subsidize (over the current $1mm/year) the existing hospital by an estimated additional $500,000 to $1mm annually to keep it financially sound.

You cannot beat the deal put together by Council and the FMH teams. Indeed, a sparkling emergency facility, plus annual estimated savings of $1mm + and enhanced economic development opportunities. Equals a win, win for us all. Thanks again, Council and FMH teams for looking out for our community.

Randy Bright


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