Letter to Editor: Robbing the Poor to Pay the Rich

We must ensure more oxygen is pumped into the state legislators’ chambers, very quickly. Those whacky state legislators are at it again with their annual regressive assault on the incomes of our most vulnerable citizens. Their scheme is to raise the costs of basic necessities like groceries, healthcare and utilities via the elimination/reduction of life saving sales tax exemptions (2/23/18 The State “Sales Tax reform would increase the cost of groceries…”). Here is the diabolical part of this plan- lowering the income tax for the wealthy while raising the cost of living basics for the lower income brackets, those surviving on social security and disability, and all of the rest of us.

We did not imagine the legislators could produce yet greater burdens on the most economically fragile. How do you pass worse legislation than the electric rate increasing machine known as the Base Load Review Act and the thoughtless gas tax increase  (as opposed to productive road reforms ).? However, our legislators have outdone themselves by proposing increasing our costs of basic necessities to help pay for a reduction in the top end state income tax rates. Taking bread from the poor and giving it to the wealthy is not a plan, rather, it is just plan nuts; and mean.

Randy Bright


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