Tech Bytes: Beware of Hackers

I just repaired a PC that had been taken over by a hacker.  The user said he got a call from a guy that said he represented a software vendor and he had used their software at one time.  It appears this hacker got phone numbers including cell numbers from the vendor and was calling all the people who used the software.

He told him he needed to access his PC to give him a much needed update and he allowed him to do so.  The first red flag is you are trusting someone you don’t know and you have no idea he is on the level.  The second red flag was he also mentioned Microsoft, and Microsoft does not make phone calls to Window users.  Just like if you get a call supposedly from the IRS telling you that you owe back taxes.  The IRS send letters and never calls you directly.

So my advice to you is never ever let any unknown party have access to your PC.  If you get a call like this you should refuse to let them have access.  They can get your personal data and put software there that can send more of your data to them.  They can also put what I call time bombs there which will wake up sometime in the future and give you more grief.  They have taken your PC hostage, and they will state they have control of your PC.  They will give you a number to call and you must pay them to get your PC released.

Think twice before you allow these terrible people to have access to your PC. Judge Matthews is a member of the South Carolina Bar Association and Fairfield County Bar Association.

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