Bond denied for man who beat teen

JENKINSVILLE – A Jenkinsville man was charged with assault & battery 3rd degree, assault & battery 2nd degree, burglary, violation of court order of protection (two charges), domestic violence 3rd degree after allegedly using a set of brass knuckles to beat a 15-year old male in the face and assaulting the teen’s mother and grandfather at their home.


Ervin Smalls, II, 31, was arrested on July 2, 2018 for the assaults that occurred at about 9 p.m. on June 10, at a home on State Highway 215 in Jenkinsville.


When officers arrived at the home, they found the teen victim, reportedly beaten by the offender, with multiple lacerations and injuries to the face, head area and upper body. A Sheriff’s spokesperson reported that Smalls was a former boyfriend of the teen’s mother and was under a restraining order.

When Fairfield County Sheriff’s deputies attempted to speak with the teen to ask what happened, he was unable to compose himself and could only say, “Please don’t let me die,” the incident report stated.

The Fairfield County Emergency Medical Service arrived and, after treating the victim, spoke with his mother. She stated that after she finished washing her car in the front yard, she went inside to take a shower. She reported hearing a loud commotion in the front of the house. She said she got dressed and came into the front room where she found her son lying in the floor covered in blood and the offender assaulting her father wearing black brass knuckles, the report states.

The woman said she then ran back to her bedroom, found a razorblade and attempted to cut the assailant, but cut herself with the blade instead. She then ran to the front porch where she found a screwdriver and began attacking the offender to get him off her dad, she stated in the report.  She then used her cell phone to call 911.

The woman stated that when she was making the call for help, the attacker began chasing her. He reportedly caught her at the back door and after allegedly throwing her out the door, ran into a nearby woods.

The woman told officers she heard two or three shots fired, but was unable to determine if they were fired by the assailant.

Smalls was arrested 12 days later and taken to the Fairfield County Detention Center. He was later denied bond.

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