Letter to the Editor: Abusers Get A Pass

Now that we have a Sheriff whose office enforces the animal cruelty cases reported in Fairfield County and makes arrests, there remains negligence on the part of the judicial system to adjudicate those who commit the crimes. Allowing dogs to literally starve to death on chains and locking a “pet” pig in a building with no food or water until it died are examples of such disgraces in Fairfield County and our society as a whole.

Dragging a dog behind a vehicle, having it called to the driver’s attention, who then takes that animal to a secluded area many miles away and leaves it for dead – what kind of person does these kinds of deeds, then is allowed the freedom to continue going to church and working their jobs, repeating crimes, and essentially never getting punished? The answer is Fairfield County, known in the past for its dog fighting and drug dealing. People wonder why this county has people fleeing left and right, and why we lack the progress so many supposedly want. Seems the will to do the right thing is just not there.

Randy Newman’s Solicitor’s Office repeatedly “prosecutes” such cruelty cases, but amazingly most of the criminals get suspended sentences, probation and perhaps a minimal fine, none of which may even be enforced or collected. Whether people blame the Solicitor’s Office or the Judge, the end result is that nothing is being done to hold these people accountable.  There is no deterrent in place to make some degenerate think twice before breaking the law.

Animals in Fairfield County do not count in the judicial system. Even if the lax Solicitor’s Office wants to offer “forgiveness” for first-time animal abusers, the judges should take the reins and dig their legal teeth into the flesh of these offenders every time – first, second, third offenses.

Kudos to Sheriff Montgomery for advocating for his deputies to enforce the laws against animal abuse; prayers that the Solicitor’s Office and Circuit Judge will start fulfilling their obligations to uphold them.

T.J. Long


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