Letter to the Editor: Missed Opportunities

Sometimes in life we miss opportunities that we later regret. I had one of those this morning.

On Monday, July 23, 2018, my wife and I attended the loving funeral service of Mr. Lee Dawkins. During the service there was an opportunity to speak about the deceased. As the service continued, it didn’t take long for my regret to sink in. I missed the opportunity to convey to his wife and family the memories I have of being around him so much as I was growing up.

Lee was eight years older than me and I often thought of him as a role model and I wanted to grow up to be kind, big and strong like him. His family is as special to me and my family as Lee was.

Once again, I have learned a life lesson… listen to your heart.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Lee’s loving family, for I know how much it hurts and he will be truly missed.

Dan Ruff


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