FC Genealogy Society awards scholarships

Eddie Killian, left, President of The Fairfield County Genealogy Society (FCGS) and Larry Ulmer, Treasurer of the Society, right, awarded three educational scholarships in the amount of $750 to Brenan Killian, Aexis Woods and Jasmine Woods.

WINNSBORO – Three educational scholarships in the amount of $750 each were presented to Brenan Killian, Alexis Woods and Jasmine Woods during an awards ceremony in the garden behind the Fairfield County Museum. Killian plans to study graphic design at the Airport Campus of Midlands Tech; Alexis Woods will enroll at the University of Kentucky and major in biomedical engineering and her sister, Jasmine Woods will work toward her doctorate in pharmacy at the University of Kentucky.

The scholarships are awarded each year to members of the society, members’ children or grandchildren. Jasmine and Alexis are the granddaughters of member Janie Price-Woods and Killian is the son of member Patrick Killian and nephew of Eddie Killian.

This year’s scholarship donors include Gloria Blackwell who donated $750; an anonymous sister genealogy society chapter who gave $1,000 and $725 from the FCGS general fund.

“We present these scholarships to deserving students as a way to encourage and help advance young minds toward education and public service,” Eddie Killian, President of the Fairfield County Genealogy Society, said during the ceremony. “And, on behalf of the Society, I want to express our appreciation for the support of those who so generously donate funds for these scholarships,” Killian said.

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