Letter to the Editor: Exemption Could Save 126 Element Jobs

The national Fair Trade policy debate obscures the real Fairfield related issue – we can ill afford 126 job losses.

Let’s support an exemption for Element and save vital jobs. The exemption’s impact on national policy would be so tiny it would not even register. However, an exemption’s impact on already fragile Fairfield would be significant.  The worse net effect of an exemption is the company fails afterwards and Fairfield gains a lesson but incurs no further losses.  Furthermore, fighting for our local industry sends a strong message about Fairfield to future and current employers.Of course not fighting for our industry sends an unacceptably weak message about Fairfield.

The certain scenario of not getting an exemption is 126 loss jobs. This is not a tough decision, people. BTW, I noticed some threads in the Element storyline which indicate we need to keep reminding people we will have a new Emergency Hospital scheduled for opening in December.

Randy Bright


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