Update: Doko hitch

Doko Depot

BLYTHEWOOD – Further de­lays are expected in the closing of the Town of Blythewood’s con­tract for the purchase of the Doko Depot facility.

Possible defects in title in some of the underlying land have been revealed and the Town is in the process of remedying those is­sues. A portion of the land under contract was originally conveyed to the Blythewood Volunteer Fire Department by Charles W. Proc­tor in 1971. In his deed, Proctor reserved a reversion of title if the property ceased to be used for fire department or other community uses. The same parcel was con­veyed to the Town after the volun­teer service was discontinued but subject to the reservation by Proc­tor. Proctor passed away in 1976 leaving no children. His wife died shortly thereafter.

The sale of the former Proctor land for uses unrelated to fire or other community use might cause a reversion in title. Town attor­neys are working to find a solu­tion.

– Mayor J. Michael Ross

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