Letters: Try Year-Round School

Congratulations to school board election winners Davis, Harrison, Jackson and Miller.

Perhaps, now is the time to explore the powerful potential of year-round schools. Many studies point to the obvious problem of the summer slide for learning and growth, especially for children in lower income families. Just as obvious, is the potential for year-round schools offering a real resolution to the opportunities created by summer slide?

Further elaboration comes from The Edvocate which is an organization “devoted to advocating for education equity, reform, and innovation”:

“Year-round schools offer a variety of specific advantages in addition to increased learning. Some of the significant advantages include better student performance, reduced absenteeism among students and teachers, better discipline, diminished stress on teachers, and better learning opportunities for students. Schools following multi-track programs also enjoy easing of problems due to overcrowding, proper utilization of resources, and cost savings.

Of course, year-round schools are not just about extending classroom time. The additional school time would be leveraged with customized programs which ensure optimal education for all students.

Yes, there are challenges to year-round schools, but great minds overcome challenges to secure greater good.


Randy Bright



  1. K Reynolds says

    This seems like a much better idea than a teacher village. With limited summer employment in the county this would give the high school kids better opportunities to advance academically while minimizing the challenges families face when kids need to be supervised all summer. This would be an investment in kids rather than bricks and mortar. Great idea!

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