Town releases promotional video

WINNSBORO – The town of Winnsboro will be unveiling a new video on its website this week in the hopes of putting the small town “on the map” of local tourism and shopping destinations.

According to town clerk Lorraine Abell, the two and a half-minute video was filmed by the town’s website team this summer. The budget for the filming was presented and approved by the town council in April 2018.

“The town council has been fully on board for this video since the idea was first introduced,” Abell stated.

The video includes shots of key area focal points and landmark buildings, but it seems to truly shine with the commentaries and testimonies from local business owners who declare their love for the small town alongside their ability to successfully operate a homegrown shop in its downtown district.

“We knew we wanted to highlight our local businesses and so we created a list early on of both established businesses and new shops that recently opened that we wanted to offer a spot in the video to,” Abell stated.

Every business that the town approached jumped on board enthusiastically, Abell said, with only one business having to opt out because of scheduling conflicts.

The finished product, she said, exceeded all expectations.

“We (the town) are so very pleased with the result and we believe it accurately portrays the heart of Winnsboro,” she stated.

In addition to shining a light on the blossoming downtown shopping district, the video also spotlights the town’s railroad museum and Abell said she hopes the video will encourage viewers to see that there is much to do in the small town.

“Winnsboro really is a wonderful day trip destination with many hidden gems that people who don’t live here might not be aware of,” Abell stated.

Alongside the museum, which offers train rides for visitors in addition to its expansive historical collection, the town also features walking tours through some of its historical neighborhoods. All of which, she said, the town believes deserves the right to be noticed.

“The town of Winnsboro has a rich history and we have so much to offer, we hope to really showcase that through this video and reveal to the surrounding areas that our little town is a special place worth a visit,” Abell stated.

Watch the video here.


  1. Tina Cole says

    While I love anything that spotlights our lovely town, I do wish a few more beauties could have been captured…our farmer’s market, the other local restaurants, …even our super friendly hardware shop. There is a feed and seed store, farms galore ( my husband just mentioned the beautiful sunrise over the Ladd’s cow farm), and of course more shopping opportunities than this mentioned. Come and shop or stay a spell. WIinnsboro is a beautiful place to live.

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