Letter: JWC Must Join Water Authority

The Jenkinsville Water Company’s annual meeting last week was disappointing.
More than 800 JWC members and their families have no say in the company. The JWC Board supposedly acquired a loan for $800,000 to put in a new well with the same old deteriorating system in place –risking big money on a small, failing unproductive company.
With cooperation from the County, the Town of Winnsboro has worked hard to bring strong water and sewer capacity to our county. They are moving toward a unified water authority.
It would be a much needed boost for our economy, would lower water rates, upgrade water lines with larger and newer pipes, provide better water pressure, fire hydrants, lower insurance rates and better water quality.
The company’s finances are always off balance, and it’s nearly impossible to get a financial report.
It’s everybody’s (including the JWC’s) responsibility to make the quality of life better in Fairfield County instead of standing in the way by blocking the proposed water authority.
I’d like to see JWC do the right thing and join the water authority.

Bertha Goins