Crickentree neighbors to hear from developer Thursday night

BLYTHEWOOD – Blythewood-area neighbors and others will be attending meeting at the Manor in Blythewood on Thursday, Feb. 7, at 6 p.m. to hear an update from E-Capital about its plans for a 454 unit housing development on the former Golf Course of SC at Crickentree.

This property has recently been purchased by its investor, E-Capital, whose principals are expected to seek an unknown level of residential zoning very soon.

Local residents concerned about golf course life cycle issues and the increasing demise of TROS (traditional residential open space) protection are invited to attend. Representatives from the county and Blythewood governments are also expected to attend.

450 homes could replace Crickentree Golf Course.


  1. Catherine says

    For the love of God, don’t we have enough homes already. That will turn out to be the biggest mess. It’s all about money. Makes me sick.

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