From the Pulpit: A Gift from the Heart

In my occupation as one who collects donations for a children’s home, I see a lot of sacrificial giving. This past week, one of the greatest examples of sacrificial giving I have seen since I have begun my work came from a ten year-old boy. It was his birthday, but he wasn’t interested in receiving any gifts or a birthday cake for himself. Rather, he told all of his friends if they wanted to do something special, they should give gift cards so that each of the children at the home where I work could have a special cake for his or her birthday. This boy’s whole birthday was dedicated to the betterment of the lives of other children. Truly, this was a gift given from the heart.

Gifts like these don’t just happen by accident. Most certainly, this boy was taught the beauty that is associated with giving to others from the heart. This teaching more than likely took place not only at the feet of his parents but also by other family members, Bible school teachers, preachers, elders, and other Christians. He probably has learned this very lesson of giving at Vacation Bible School, in Sunday Bible classes, in sermons, and by observing the example of others.

Because this is so, we should never overlook the importance of making sure our children are exposed consistently to the spiritual principles we want them to embrace in their lives. This will only happen if we make the effort to put them in a position to hear and observe such teaching. The key in all of this is consistency. We need to bring them consistently to worship services, Bible school, Vacation Bible School, Bible camp, and every other opportunity that is afforded them to learn about the Lord.

And beyond even this, we need to provide our children with tangible examples of a lifestyle that supports the very spiritual principles we are seeking for them to embrace. Is there any greater path to learning for children than that of teaching and observing?

With this said, are you giving your children consistent opportunities to hear the truth of God’s word and the principles you want for them to embrace? Are you giving them an example of what a Christian life should look like? If you are, then you are giving your child the opportunity to learn the types of things that this ten year old boy did recently in bettering the lives of others around him.

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