Letters: McKie illegally seated

According to South Carolina Code of Laws, Amelia McKie was not eligible to be sworn in as a Richland 2 School Board member for the term 2018-2022. The election was Nov. 6, 2018, and she was sworn in on Nov. 13, 2018.

(Title 8, Chapter 13) Section 8-13-1110 (A) “No public official … designated in subsection (B) may take the oath of office or enter upon his official responsibilities unless he has filed a statement of economic interests…”

Mrs. McKie was sworn in on Nov. 13, 2018, but she did not file her Statement of Economic Interests Report until Dec. 4, 2018. Therefore, she was not eligible to take the oath of office or enter upon official responsibilities. She is not a legal member of the School Board.

Every action, every vote, every decision she has taken is invalid – expulsions, student suspensions, votes on spending. None of her votes count.

She MUST step away from the Board until the problem is resolved. Stepping away from the Board means that she must stop acting as Chair of the Board. She should return all funds paid to her as a Board member since Nov 18, 2018.

The Board should then elect a new Chair to serve.

After the oath of office is properly administered and she returns to the Board, she will only be an elected member.

Gus Philpott


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