Free job training for construction work

Training Targets Disadvantaged Women, Minorities in Fairfield

WINNSBORO – “We’re looking to provide free training for 10 Fairfield County individuals over 18 who are interested in careers in highway construction,” Larry Salley with the Benedict Allen Community Development Corporation said in his address to Council Monday evening.

“But for the last eight weeks we’ve been working with the County’s WIOA, DSS, the Fatherhood Coalition, the Good Samaritan House and we’ve sent 85 letters to churches, and we have only gotten three applications. We need someone to help us get the word out,” Salley said.

“We are targeting counties with high unemployment rates, and we’re looking for individuals – women and minorities – who traditionally would not be in these kinds of jobs,” Salley said. “We’re looking for current residents of Fairfield County who are economically disadvantaged.

The training is being offered through the Corporation’s Transportation Careers Training Program and will be conducted at the Fairfield Central High School’s adult education facility.

The training, Salley said, consists of three phases:

  1. appointment or pre-employment training (soft skills, resume writing, flagger training, etc.),
  2. commercial driver’s license (CDL) training – permit only and
  3. heavy equipment operator training for bulldozers, back hoes, etc.

Applicants must have a high school diploma or a GED and a valid driver’s license. The training lasts 8 – 9 weeks and, upon the successful completion of the program, Salley said the program’s staff will help the graduates find employment.

“We work with a number of SCDOT contractors to help place our graduates” Salley said.

“We pay for all the training except for the pre-employment drug screening,” Salley said. “We pay for physicals, materials, safety equipment and training.”

Salley said individuals with a criminal history may apply for the program, but applicants must be unemployed or underemployed (part time or temporary).

“We are trying to get the first training classes filled by the second week in May,” Salley said. “So we are really pressed to find at least 25 applicants.”

While Salley said that transportation is a problem for applicants in Fairfield County, County Administrator Jason Taylor offered the County’s transportation system to help get individuals in the program to and from training classes.

Applications can be completed online, however, all submissions must include the requested documentation at the time of application to determine eligibility for the program.

For more information, contact Venus Sabb at 803-705-4631 or via email at [email protected] or Salley at 803-705-4682 or email at [email protected]

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